Understand your cyber risk profile globally

Geopolitical shifts, evolving nation-state objectives and varying rates of digital development mean that global companies face different cyber risk exposure across operating locations.

Next Peak’s Geo Cyber Risk Index helps multinational companies monitor their global cyber exposure by providing a multi-dimensional view of country-specific cyber risk. 

The Geo Cyber Risk Index measures cyber risk from nation-state adversaries, cybercriminals, hacktivists and network environments. Our index covers 40 frontier, emerging, and developed markets making up over 88% of global GDP. 

The GCRI complements existing country and cyber-specific metrics with analyst expertise. We draw data from a combination of sources including global institutions like the World Bank and IMF, cyber institutions like the ITU and BSA, regional and country CERTS, industry reports, and assessments from subject matter experts.

Leverage Next Peak’s Geo Cyber Risk Index to assess and manage your global cyber risk exposure.