Our principals and Net Defenders have built and operated world-class defenses for businesses and the US government. Leverage these front-line operational experiences to improve your cyber defense and resiliency, preparing management and defenders for a bad cyber day.
 can provide expertise in:


Improve the efficiency of your security operations.


Unify, filter, and enrich your security data.

Post Breach Uplift

Uplift security program following a breach.


Defend networks from expanded remote threat vectors.

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With the increasing digitization of businesses, cybersecurity risk is one of the largest operational risks that organizations must contend with, and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) bear a heavy responsibility in defending business operations against attackers with advanced threat capabilities. However, given the size of the task, SOCs face many challenges that reduce efficiency including limited integration of tools and processes, and lack of training program structures. Next Peak uses a structured cybersecurity operations approach to assess your cybersecurity architecture to identify high-risk gaps and recommend uplift measures that are focused on your SOC’s activities in order to provide your company with a cyber uplift roadmap focused on protecting your highest risk assets.

security data discipline

Data is central to detecting and responding to security threats, but as data volume increases, security teams face a data glut that reduces their ability to protect against advanced cyber actors, and organizations face increasingly high retention costs for unusable data. Next Peak can help companies reduce the cost of retaining data you never use while enhancing the data you keep. Through Security Data Discipline, data is centralized into a unified pipeline where records are parsed, restructured, and intelligently filtered using industry frameworks, threat intelligence, geolocation, and more. Let us help you maximize the value of your data and empower your security team with the right tools and information to keep your company’s operations secure.

Post Breach Uplift

Following a breach companies face the challenge of implementing recommendations from incident responders to uplift cyber programs. Next Peak guides clients through what to do after an incident, advising leadership on executing recommendations and ensuring cyber programs align with business strategy and risk appetites. Our partners have a proven track record of successfully uplifting corporate cyber programs in the wake of significant cyber attacks. We provide timely recommendations to improve security effectiveness, bringing operational best practices and tools.

secure remote work

As companies around the world have been forced into expanding workforce locations through remote work, cyber risks have increased significantly as malicious actors seek to exploit widening attack surfaces, new threat vectors, and heightened vulnerabilities. Next Peak can help your company adapt your networks to meet the new security challenges posed by remote work. Our team will assess your cybersecurity protocols, standards, controls, and access management policies to discover and remedy vulnerabilities created by expanded networks, as well as evaluate new tools and applications that might expose your networks to third-party risk. We provide proactive measures that your company can take to create a safe and secure remote work environment that protects your business productivity while increasing overall network security.



We can help you develop cyber defense and resiliency roadmaps to achieve your uplift objectives, enabling you to drive down costs and risk through targeted investment.


Our principals and team have deep experience in meeting cyber challenges for the US government and private industry. Leverage unique approaches to understand cyber risks based on your business, technology environment, potential adversaries and stakeholder requirements.


Our ethos has always been to train hard, condition for endurance, and be vigilant. Our battle-tested team can evaluate the effectiveness of your defenses and ensure cyber resiliency based on real life experience leading and responding through crisis situations.