Introducing Next Peak’s Cyber Defender Network

At Next Peak we take our clients’ cyber defense very seriously. Our founders Greg Rattray and James Cummings have decades of corporate and national security cyber experience, and they have built an elite network of highly qualified Cyber Defenders to help clients address their most difficult cyber defense challenges. Next Peak Defenders have been specifically chosen for their expertise and real-world operational experience, and have a wide range of business, technology, and military backgrounds. Today, Next Peak’s Defenders are actively engaged with our global clients, supporting defensive efforts within the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

Next Peak’s Cyber Defenders have spent decades building deep and proven strategies and methodologies to defend against advanced cyber threats in both national security and corporate settings. Our Defenders have been instrumental in driving White House cybersecurity strategies and programs, and have built advanced cyber operations centers from the ground up, including developing and operating cyber warfare capabilities and cyber tactics manuals for the US military. They have also driven global multiple corporate cyber uplift programs, established cyber defense playbooks, and built cyber response teams for companies like JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, CrowdStrike, and L3 Technologies.

Our battle-hardened Defenders have also had heavy experience on the frontlines defending against advanced cyber threats. They have responded to numerous major cyber breaches, and identified and hunted multiple advanced persistent groups, including suspected Russian APTs 28 and 29 (Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear) that perpetrated the hacking of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. In addition, they have identified and cracked numerous cybercrimes for the US military, and provided leading penetration testing and red team exercises for the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies.

Our unique blend of Defender expertise and experience provides clients with deep hands on experience that can assist in identifying their highest risk and associated exposure. Next Peak’s Defender network ensures that we are always able to bring the right people in at the right time, and if a bad cyber day were to happen, our clients have the best cyber warriors preparing them to respond. Learn more about our Cyber Defender Network here.


NEXT PEAK was co-founded by two US Air Force and JP Morgan Chase veterans, Dr. Greg Rattray and Jim Cummings. The firm focuses on strategic insight and provides access to a network of battle hardened cyber defenders. The team delivers advisory and consulting services to ensure clients have the deepest possible insight and advanced approaches to meeting their cyber defense challenges.


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